Tiny Rebel ‘Psychedelic’ Tumbler Glass – Half Pint/Schooner – 47cl



Tiny Rebel are a multi-award winning brewery from Newport, Wales. Established in 2012 and growing at a rapid rate, creating incredible craft beers from Clwb Tropica to Cali Pale. With this official Tiny Rebel beer glass you can enjoy your favourite drink in style.

The tumbler glass features a colourful ‘psychedelic’ printed logo and a 47cl capacity. This will be perfect for a half pint, leaving plenty of room for head or 2/3 pint for a fuller glass. This glass is also ideal for Tiny Rebel Spirits as a mixer glass, leaving plenty of room for ice and your favourite mixer. A must have for any craft beer or spirits fan.

The Tiny Rebel beer glass is dishwasher safe, toughened and nucleated to keep your beer fizzing until the last drop. It is recommend that all glasses are thoroughly cleaned before first use.

This beer glass is one of the vast selection available from GarageBar so have a look at some of our other glasses from around the world!


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